Thinking About NVCC 4/3/2016

Today, after the Easter break, we return to our study in Daniel. As you recall we left off in chapter 9 with Daniel in prayer, and in that prayer, for the first time, he called upon God using his covenant name Jehovah (Cf. 4b). Daniel was appealing to God as the one who keeps his covenant with all who obey the laws associated with that covenant. Daniel called it, “His covenant of love” (4). The word used for love here is, “hesed” a love that leads to covenant faithfulness on God’s part.

What does the word hesed mean? It means a quality of love that moves someone to act for the benefit of someone else without considering what is in it for them. The Hebrew sees the Torah, the first five books of Hebrew Scripture, as beginning and ending with God’s hesed love. They view the Torah as setting forth a vision of the ideal life whose goals are a behavior characterized by mercy and compassion.

The Christian sees God’s hesed love expressed in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. The quality of God’s love is so great that it moved Him to act on our behalf without considering what would happen to Him.




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