Thinking About NVCC 3/26/2016

The heroes of the Old Testament looked forward to a time when God would counter the world’s growing darkness. Some looked for God to install a great king, like David, who would lead Israel to her destiny of world dominance. Others looked into the words of the prophets whose interpretations of life gave true understanding of morals and the law. Some looked to the rituals of the sacrifices carried out by the priest for their comfort.

A major shift in thinking happened in the first century. Instead of looking forward, people of faith began looking backward to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. In Jesus they found the words of the prophets fulfilled. They saw a king, even greater than David, for he conquered death. And in Jesus blood soaked robe they saw the priest who executed the sacrifices. The cross became the altar of sacrifice, Jesus became the lamb for slaughter. His blood soaked robes were the robes of the priest who carried out the sacrifice.

On this day we look back to Jesus resurrection. We look back to Jesus who is our king, our prophet, and our interceding priest. On this day two thousand years ago; bad news lost for all time.

He is risen,



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