Thinking About NVCC 3/13/2016

We live in a confusing world, and many are lost. How does one find their way in such a world? The simple answer is read the Bible, for it will give you direction in life. Many do read the Bible, but instead of being found remain lost. This is because, instead of being led by what they read, they attempt to lead the Bible, and coincidently they try to lead it to where they already are!

Years ago I gave up arguing with God. I gave up telling Him what is right and what is wrong. Instead of arguing I began listening, and found myself praying, “Your will be done.” By shedding my arguments with God, I began to read the Bible with His eyes. By that I mean, I began to understand what the Bible meant when it was first written, glean the truths from the passage, and apply those truths to my life today. Amazingly I found myself no longer in disagreement with God, but found myself changing my mind, and being found by Him.

Today, I no longer expect God to change, but let Him change me. Through my surrender I no longer am lost.




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