Thinking About NVCC 3/8/2016

The first six chapters of Daniel are about Daniel and his three friends, and their faith and courage before pagan kings. At chapter 7 the book shifts from narrated stories to mysterious visions of prophesy.

Daniel, “Was deeply troubled and his face turned pale,” (7:28) at the enigmatic images he received. And we will learn in future chapters that Daniel often became ill and was unable to work after receiving a vision from the Lord. This is quite a contrast to those who proclaim prophetic understanding today. When someone today discovers what they think is some new biblical understanding they put the word prophet before their name, and write a book to tell everyone what they think they have discovered.

It’s a dangerous thing to study prophecy to inflate one’s ego, or to give people the impression that we are a great Bible scholar. I think there is a lesson to be gleaned from Daniel’s response. When studying Daniel, or any part of the Bible, what we learn from our study should so touch our hearts that it troubles us and affects our conduct. Bible study should not be an intellectual exercise to inflate our ego, but a desire to change our relationship with God.

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