Thinking About NVCC 2/21/2016

As a Christian we have questions. One of them is, considering the turmoil we live in, how can I be an inspiring Christian? Begin by realizing that turmoil is not new. For instance the Book of Daniel shows Daniel had his share of it. Two verses from chapter six show how he responded: “Daniel so distinguished himself among the administrators and the satraps by his exceptional qualities” (3), and, “Three times a day got down on his knees and prayed giving thanks to his God” (10).

Do you want to be an inspiring Christian? Be a Daniel! Emulate him in every situation of your life. Whether you are in your home, with your family, a friend, a stranger, at work, or just walking in the park, be a Daniel! Wherever your feet take you, whatever you put your hand to, so distinguish yourself among others that you give glory God. Also, establish a habit of daily giving God your praise through the day, and do this despite whatever is going on around you.

Be a Daniel and you will inspire others with your Christianity. I’m reminded of a saying by Oswald Chambers, “Give your utmost for his highest.”

Giving My Utmost,



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