Thinking About NVCC 1/31/2016

I have often talked about how most people are wanderers while the Christian is a pilgrim. What is the difference? The wanderer is a person who does not have a destination. Cain was the first wanderer; it was God’s punishment for murdering his brother and not caring. Wanderers are all around us, and easy to recognize. They walk in one direction until they bump into something, and then they change direction until they bump into something else. The pilgrim is a person with a destination. The Christian is a pilgrim because they have the promise of a destination – God.

How do we know the Christian is a pilgrim and not just a wanderer in different clothes? Pastor Ravi Zacharias put it this way, “Christianity gives us the answers to our questions of life; it tells us of our: Origin, meaning, morality, and destiny.”

Origin: “In the beginning God created …”
Meaning: To love God and know Him
Morality: The Ten Commandments
Destiny: To live with Him in eternity.

If you are tired of being a wanderer, and want to know the meaning of your life, may I suggest becoming a pilgrim; a follower of Jesus.

A Pilgrim,




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