Thinking About NVCC 11/8/2015

Before Jesus began his public ministry he fasted in the wilderness for forty days. At the end of his fast, when Jesus was his weakest, Satan came and tempted Jesus three times: You want followers? Show the people you can turn stones into bread, and they will follow you. You want success? Leap from the pinnacle of the temple and land unharmed, and people will flock to you. You want a kingdom? Worship me and I will give you all the kingdoms of the world.

Satan’s temptation was: Strike a bargain with me and I will give you results. Just compromise with evil a little, don’t be so unbending in your demands, give in to the world, and you will be the most popular figure the world has ever known. Jesus essentially said in his replies, “No, right is right and wrong is wrong and there cannot be a compromise. I must do it God’s way.”

Satan usually works in the shadows, but, knowing Jesus was weak, he exposed himself for the tempter and liar that he is. What defeated Satan? Jesus supreme passion that God’s name should be glorified.

Don’t Compromise,



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