Thinking About NVCC 10/18/2015

Someone said, “Somewhere, somehow, man has business with God, and that man fulfills his highest destiny only as he submits himself to the call of God.” Well said, but here’s the rub: The one taboo subject in refined society is God; except in a profane way.

The reason for this taboo is sin. Show me someone who is afraid of talking about God, and I will show you someone who is in broken fellowship with God because of sin. Sin manifests itself in hundreds of ways in life, but it is the sole reason for the lack of discussion about God.

You doubt my statement? Look at the chaos in the world. It’s because man is out of harmony with the creator, and man out of harmony with the creator is at odds with everything in creation. The Bible points this out, “The carnal mind is enmity against God,” and “Natural man does not know the things of God.”

In God things hold together, and Christ is the image of God. Therefore, in Christ things harmonize. As a person submits to Christ piece comes to piece, joint comes to joint, life fits together, and a person’s destiny is reached.





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One response to “Thinking About NVCC 10/18/2015

  1. Well said. Teminds me of a Leonard Ravenhill sermon I hold dear. (There are a million ways to hell and one to heaven.)

    Indeed, God decides who is called, but Christ holds the keys to the only path. The Holy Spirit is the advocate for the necessary ability to walk it.

    “I think therefore I am?” No.
    You are, therefore you have much sin.

    Without cleansing, you will not be joined with the body.
    Christ, through the Holy Spirit, offers the cleansing water.
    Standing alone, with your sin will bring nothing but judgement and certain death.

    Your way of describing it a piece at a time is very insightful. There are several meanings to that but my “take away” is that it is not a simple light switch, prayer, or a conversion a person does alone.

    Outstanding. Thank you.

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