Thinking About NVCC 9/6/2015

We have been working our way through the Book of Philippians. In verse 1:12 Paul began writing on the topic of the submissive mind, and this topic has continued through to where we left off last week in verse 2:18. A question arises from this section: Is it possible for the average Christian to practice the examples laid down by Jesus, and Paul?

This is a good question, for after all Jesus is the Son of God, and Paul was the chosen apostle. Raising doubts to an affirmative answer is the Catholic Church’s teaching of the “counsel of perfection.” This teaching declares that the life of holiness or saint-ship is not possible for the ordinary Christian person, it is reserved for a select few who have received some higher calling, and have abandon themselves to that call.

In today’s verses, 19-30, Paul answers the question by introducing us to two ordinary men; Timothy and Epaphroditus. These two men were not apostles, nor were they miracle workers; they were just two Christians. Paul’s point in his topic’s conclusion is: The mind of Christ is available to any Christian; it is not something reserved for a chosen few; it is an opportunity for all believers.





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