Thinking About NVCC 8/23/2015

Our study this morning is Phil 2:1-12, and we are talking about having the mind of Christ. Is such a suggestion possible? Paul thought so for he wrote, “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus” (5); some translations like the King James actually use the word “mind” instead of attitude.

Today’s verses are a great instructional on the Christian walk, for they declare the philosophy of the Christian life. If we can understand the attitude, or mind of Christ, we will understand what the ultimate purpose of God is for believers. These verses today cause the sincere follower of Christ to ask, “What is the mind of Christ?”

What is the real importance of answering such a question? The importance is this, a Christian should replicate the mind of Christ in their daily life. Then wherever they go in their life and obey Biblical instructions, then Christianity leaves the realm of the theoretical and becomes the practical. Christianity then becomes an experience against which no argument against it can advance.

The best argument for Christianity is knowing the mind of Christ and allowing Him to reproduce his mind in us.

Thinking like Jesus,




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