Thinking About NVCC 7/26/2015

The psalmist wrote, “We took sweet counsel together” (Ps 55:14). Do we know what the word counsel means anymore? What caused me to ask such a question comes from an incident my wife and I witnessed at a restaurant. As we were eating our attention was drawn to a young couple on a date. She was beautiful in dress and appearance; he managed to put on some clothes. What caught our attention was how the young man was absorbed through their entire meal with his phone and missed the presence of his beautiful date. The scene spoke to me of how connected to the world we have become, yet we no longer seek the counsel of each other, or God.

The psalmist said, “Be still and know that I am God” (Ps 46:10). A beautiful thought not realized anymore. We no longer take the time to seek God’s sweet counsel, for we don’t have the time, inclination or belief that God hears, cares, or answers. We are so connected to the world that we miss the beauty of God’s counsel.
Be still and seek his counsel. Discover God is speaking to you, but not through any mechanical contrivance or priestly intervention.

Sweet counsel,



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