Thinking About NVCC 6/28/2015

In 1514 Copernicus theorized the planets orbited the sun. A century later Galileo, with the newly invented telescope, found his theory was indeed correct. In 1616 and 1632 the Catholic Church commanded Galileo not to defend or hold his doctrine, and in the latter year placed him under house arrest for life. Galileo called them, “Stubbornly stupid.” This treatment of Galileo has made the church a point of ridicule by scientists, and allowed them to brand the church as ignorant, intolerant, and blind.

Today the theory of evolution is put forth by scientists. It states that all life is the product of a prime-mortal soup; life is an accident. Like the church of 1619, scientists today forbids anyone to defend or hold the doctrine of creative design. Despite the fact that the makeup of living cells is so complex, with its numerous chemicals, hormones, enzymes and proteins, that the probability of life happening randomly is calculated to be 1 X 1040,000.

Two points: I think scientists who believe in evolution are being stubbornly stupid, and those who do not believe in God are intolerant, ignorant, and blind. At least the church apologized to Galileo in 1992. Will scientists someday do likewise to the church?

God made,



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