Thinking About NVCC 6/7/2015

In music when a note is played that is different from the other notes the sound is unstable; it is called dissonance. When the dissonance is done on purpose it is to create interest in the musical score. At first when the composer does this the note does not sound right, but in the next note he will use a note to resolve the dissonance and make the note sound stable.

Have you noticed that everything in creation, with the exception of man, does what it was created to do? Everything from elephants to ground hogs, sequoias to dandelions, eagles to roadrunners, and blue whales to minnows; there is no dissonance in them. Man stands alone in creation saying, “I am, I will be, and I will become.” Doesn’t sound right does it?

God, our great composer, sent a note to resolve this dissonance of man in creation; His Son Jesus Christ. When you let Jesus play his note in your life, all unstable notes are resolved and made stable. The past dissonance becomes nothing more than a passing interest.





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