Thinking About NVCC 5/24/2015

I thought this week of Abram’s father, Terah (Gen 11:31). Terah was going to Canaan Land, but stopped in Haran. Terah’s name in Hebrew means, “The man who stopped.” I wondered, “Why did he stop?”

What cause me to think of Terah is another man who has made a Phoenix bus stop his home. At first you think he is a shadow, but he is a man who has made the stop his airy home. Daily he sits with Dread-locked hair, dirt caked skin, and layers of baggy clothes exposed to the elements. Occasionally a car stops, and an outstretched hand gives him a sack of food. I wonder how it came that he said, “This far and no farther?”

In many ways we are Terah, and Bus Stop Guy when it comes to God in that we have gone so far with God and stopped. We think what we learned from our parents, a teacher, or a friend was all there was to know about God.

It’s sad to think about Terah and what he missed. In sad to think of Bus Stop Guy and his conditions. It is sad if that is how you feel about God!

Going All The Way,



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