Thinking About NVCC 4/19/2014

In chapters one and two of 1st John, the word abide appears nine times. When a word appears that frequently it means the author is trying to make a point. John’s point: In times like these if a Christian is to remain faithful to Jesus they must abide. Abide means to wait patiently for. As Tennyson put it, “I will abide the coming of my lord.”

How does one abide in Christ? You abide by spending time alone with God, reading the Bible, fellowshipping with Christians, and attending church. Many say, I get two days off from work and the whole church thing is a bit tedious, especially when I could be doing so many fun things.

There is an ancient story of the Spartan son who returned home and said to his aged father who bore the scars of many battles, “My sword is just a little too short for me.” The old man responded, “Add a step to it.” Do you feel your Christian walk is tedious, then add a step to your walk. You say your sword is too short for you to win, then add a step and take a harder thrust. In God’s name I commend you, add a step.





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