Thinking About NVCC 2/22/2015

There is much Gospel abuse around us today. I’m thinking of such teachings as retribution theology – someone is suffering because they did not pray hard enough or give enough – the name it and claim it gospel, the gospel of prosperity, liberation theology, or social justice. These teachings make you feel good and do explain some things about us, but they don’t excuse us. In the end they offer cheap grace; a grace through our own works. It is like cotton candy; it looks good, but take a bite of it and you find a whole lot of nothing.

The gospel of Jesus is one of redemption; the price has been paid, the prison doors are opened, those enslaved by sin are set free. An infinite God who pours out His everything to redeem us is not cheap. Knowing God has done so much for us our response is: What can I do to display God in this situation? Think like this and you can have the assurance of God’s presence in all you do!

Here at North Valley Christian Church we preach: Heaven is high, Hell is deep, sin is worldwide, and we preach it shotgun straight till we run out of ammunition.

God’s Grace,




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