Thinking About NVCC 1/4/2015

As we start another year pause, look back, and reflect on the time that has gone by – the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all. Take a moment to reflect on the twist and turns of the years and see the overall direction that your life is heading. Use this moment to ask some hard questions. One question worth asking and reflecting on is: “Am I a wanderer or am I a pilgrim?” The question is worth pondering for the answer tells you what type of life you are leading.

A wanderer is a person who moves about without any particular destination or purpose. They move about until they bump into some immovable objection, wake up long enough to rub the new welt on their head, change direction, and continue on as if nothing happened. A pilgrim is a person on a journey to a sacred place; they are a person with a destination.

As you begin this year ask, “Am I a wanderer or a pilgrim?” If you are a wanderer, aren’t you tired of bumping your head? Why not become a pilgrim, and make your destination God? You see salvation has been completed; it is now a matter of your will.

Get Jesus,




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