Thinking About NVCC 12/14/2014

On an episode of the Simpson’s Homer asked his neighbor Ned Flanders where he had been? Ned replies, “We went away to a Christian camp. We were learning how to be more judgmental.” It’s funny because Ned and Homer are cartoons. Unfortunately it gives the world ammunition to respond, “Yeah, those Christians are always judging.”

Jesus taught not to look for the speck of dust in another’s eye while ignoring the plank in your own eye (Cf. Matt 7:1-5). He used the eye as the foundation for the teaching because it is the most sensitive part of our body. He was teaching to look at yourself first when you must judge, and then to be sensitive when judging.

Often when judging others we are actually complimenting ourselves that we are not that way; we are saying we are not a sinner, and that is a lie from the very gates of hell.  Here’s my point: Instead of judging, start preaching the Word and doing the work of Jesus, for that is what changes people. For the most part leave the judging to Jesus, but when you must judge, look to yourself first and then be discreet.

I’m a sinner and so are you,



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