Thinking About NVCC 12/7/2014

There are a number of protests going on right now; some are quiet while others are causing damage. I understand the anger and frustration on both sides of the issue, but the situation is at checkmate, for if you do away with the police you have no order, and when there is no order there is a call for more police. Rodney King’s, “Can’t we all just get along,” doesn’t go very far in this world.

I couldn’t take the irony of the mobs calling for justice while breaking windows, so I turned the TV off and turned to John 19; the crucifixion of Jesus. Six trials with no verdict of guilt, yet his protesters shouted crucify him! One word kept coming to my mind: Unfair.

In thinking about the crucifixion of Jesus I recalled a short poem:

“How can it be the righteous one is punished & I go free?
How can it be the cross meant loss, yet it is victory for me?
How can it be that I gain the kingdom through a hideous tree?”

It’s called grace, and there is nothing fair about it. Because of Jesus I learned this: Never expect justice in this world, but I never stop giving it.





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