Thinking About NVCC 11/30/2014

With today’s sermon on John 19 we find the cast of characters are all in place for the greatest moment in man’s history to take place; the crucifixion of Jesus. It is interesting as the pre-crucifixion events unfold how each of the characters acted: Judas betrayed, the priests sought to kill, Satan tried to thwart, the disciples argued, and Peter denied. However, Jesus did not waiver.

Today, I think we are pretty ho-hum about this event. This should not be so, for this was the moment in time when heaven and creation collectively gasped at the magnitude of the event. Together they watched the Son of Man prepare to drink the cup of God’s wrath; Jesus became our propitiation; a sacrifice that turns away God’s wrath.

If we have become ho-hum about the crucifixion, is it because we have become concerned about our own self-interest? If this is true, then answer me this: If it played out so badly for those involved in the crucifixion, how does it play out in our lives? The obvious answer is: it hurts our relationship with God.

Dare to take in the magnitude of this event,




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