Thinking About NVCC 11/9/2014

In the news is a story about a lady in Oregon who, because of a terminal illness, ended her life. She said, “I want to end my life on my terms.” Some argue, “We put down our pets when they get in such a condition, so why not let people do it,” or “Why prolong her agony?” My response is, “If people were just animals OK, but we are intrinsically different then animals. We are God’s crowning achievement in creation and endowed with gifts that separate us from animals.”

A painter friend of mine walked off the end of a scaffold and broke his legs. The doctors told him he would never walk without crutches and his painting days were over. To make matters worse, while in recovery, his wife and foreman ran off together with his equipment and started a new business. Life seemed to be over for him.

My friend chose not to live life on his terms, but God’s. He began to witness Jesus Christ to those around him as he convalesced, and while in the hospital he led 27 people to Christ. Today he is fully recovered and runs a food bank for the homeless.

Its God’s time, not ours,




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