Thinking About NVCC 11/1/2014

A navigator uses charts to sail his ship safely to its port of call. To do this the mariner keeps in mind the difference between Magnetic North and True North. Magnetic North is the direction a compass points, while True North is a fixed point on land.

A compass points to Magnetic North because of the iron in the lava below the earth’s surface. Lava is always moving, and therefore Magnetic North moves from 200 to 1200 miles in declination to True North. The navigator’s chart has a compass printed on it giving him True North, and with a set of parallels navigates his ship in reference to that fixed point.

Mankind navigates through life using the world’s reference points as truth, but, like Magnetic North, the world’s reference points always move, and eventually a person finds the world’s truths are not connected to truth at all.

My point: Sin should stun us, but it doesn’t because we have become accustom to living in a world that is not attached to anything that is close to truth. When we become a Christian we receive the Holy Spirit, and for the first time we see God’s fixed point and understand we have been standing in declination to truth all along.

Finding True North,



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