Thinking About NVCC 10/12/2014

A young boy was acting up one day so his father warned him if he continued he would get punished. The boy didn’t listen and finally did something that he needed to be punished for. The father told his son he couldn’t play with his favorite toy for a period of time. The boy pulled a wrinkled dollar bill from his jeans and waved it in front of his dad saying, “Perhaps Mr. Washington could change your mind.”

We all do it, don’t we? We get squarely caught and we try to finesse our way out of it. When it comes to God there is no finessing our way around His throne. We’re guilty and we know it, but the extreme self-confident nature of sin prevents us from admitting it.

There was a sentence in Sunday’s sermon that explains why Christ went to the cross, and I hope you caught it: “On the cross Jesus gets what we deserve; in return we get what Jesus deserved.” It doesn’t sound fair does it? But there is nothing fair about God’s grace. Here’s my point: It takes the work of God to overcome our sin bathed self-confidence.You want someone else to take the blame?

Get Jesus,



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