Thinking About NVCC 9/21/2014

It’s early Saturday morning and I’m heading down to a men’s Bible-study at a coffee shop off Happy Valley Rd. One thing about having life in abundance, the city of Anthem’s tag line, is there are a lot of coffee shops to choose from. Two years ago I noted that we had four Starbuck’s within a five mile radius of my house. Today we have five; apparently we really like cappuccinos.

One of the biggest hindrances to our spiritual walk is living a life surrounded by abundance, for our mindset becomes one of looking for only big things to do. Against this mindset we read Jesus act of drudgery; stripping to his waist he took a towel, a basin, some water, and washed the feet of fishermen (John 13). Jesus said, “I give you an example” (Cf. 13:15).

The question becomes: In our life of abundance can we use a towel as Jesus did? Can we use the ordinary things of the mundane, things like a towel, sandals, and washing to reveal Christ to others? If we take our example from Jesus then the answer is yes! Then no task is beneath us, or too insignificant for us to do.




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