Thinking About NVCC 8/24/2014

The desert is always a place of extremes; extreme heat, dangerous reptiles, prickly plants, and powerful storms, and that was some storm last week, eh?

No matter how long one has lived in the Sonoran Desert you can never be completely ready for these extremes. For instance the civil engineers have provided us with large drainage canals that they have calculated will safely move all that water away from us when a storm hits. That storm last week showed us their calculations were wrong and many freeways, ranches, and neighborhoods were flooded.

The Greek word for church is ecclesia, which means the called out ones. This does not mean we are no longer in the world, but we have a growing understanding of what this world is all about. I was impressed how our ecclesia responded to last week’s storm. You began calling, texting, and checking up on each other to make sure everyone was OK. Yes, you were concerned for yourself, but it did not end there, for you were concerned for others, and ready to help. Good on ya for that!

Called out, but still in it,




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