Thinking About NVCC 8/10/2014

I heard a story; a man was walking along the beach one morning after a storm. He saw the storm had deposited a large number of starfish onto the sandy shore. The man came upon a boy throwing the starfish back into the sea. He asked the boy, “What good does it matter, you can’t save them all?” The boy replied, “It matters to this one, as he tossed another starfish into the sea.

Saturday we went down to the heart of Phoenix to serve the homeless. Karmann played, we served them food, I preached the word, and we all brought clothing and fellowship. We again experience the heartbreak of seeing people living on the edge. It is not a pretty place, for it is full of broken dreams, broken people, and strong odors that linger with you. It is easy to be overwhelmed and think, “The need is great and our church is small what good does matter?”

When you think that, remember the boy and the starfish. Yes the work is great, and our church is small, but it matters to the ones we helped.

It Matters,




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