Thinking About NVCC 8/3/2014

Some people brought Ezra bad news about the people. Upon hearing the report Ezra tore his robe, pulled hair from his beard, and sat down appalled. At the evening sacrifice he prayed, “I am ashamed and embarrassed to lift up my face to you, my God” (Ezra 9:6). Ezra was a man who set an example for his people to follow. When he heard of his people’s sins he was quick to blush with shame.

We live in an era of moral chaos. One of the reasons for this chaos is shame has been abandoned to the waste bin; nothing affects us anymore. Don’t believe me? Listen this week to how many times you hear someone mention how much chaos is in the world right now. Then watch how everyone shrugs their shoulders and goes about their business. The Psalmist explains much, “The Lord does not see. Nor does the God of Jacob pay heed” (Ps 94:7).

It is time for the Christian to become an Ezra for the people of our day. It is time we set an example of shame, embarrassment, repentance and intercession.

The Lord sees me,




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