Thinking About NVCC 6/29/2014

A friend of mine, when going through Army boot camp, was asked his religion so it could be put on his dog-tags. He replied, “Christian.” His sergeants repeatedly demanded he name his denomination, but each time he was asked replied, “Christian.” He finally explained, “My Lord was crucified not separated, I’m a Christian.” I think he made a good point.

After Pentecost of Acts 2 the church began to form, and there were no denominations. At first believers in Christ were called “The Way” (Acts 19:23) but that changed after the church arrived in Antioch when nonbelievers made fun of believers by calling them Christians. The name stuck and that is what believers have been called ever since.

Here is a little test: What makes a person a Christian? If your reply is: “I’m a certain denomination,” “I was born into a Christian family,” or “I don’t know,” then may I suggest a study of the book of Acts. In your study you will find a pattern believers followed: They heard the Word, believed, repented, confessed Jesus as the Christ, and were baptized. I have found many who call themselves Christian cannot pass this test.

How about you?




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