Thinking About NVCC 6/22/2014

Yesterday the earth, our blue marbled home that sits mysteriously suspended in the black velvet of space, went through the summer solstice. The word in Latin is made up of two words that mean sun and stand still. The sun standing still meant 14 ½ hours of daylight for us Phoenicians.

The reason for this yearly event, as we all know, is because the earth is tilted 23.5 degrees on its axis, and as it spins it wobbles; half the time the northern part of the globe is pointed toward the sun, and the other half of the time it points away. If this wobble didn’t occur, that is the earth stood straight up and down, we would not have any seasons, and we would not have life.

We don’t often think how perfectly choreographed this earth wobble is. In fact we don’t spend much time thinking about how all of creation has been perfectly orchestrated to give us life. We instead concern ourselves with things of importance like the Kardashians.

For a moment today remember: If creation is orchestrated then there must be a maestro. That maestro is God, and that’s who is to be remembered.





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