Thinking About NVCC 6/15/2014

There is a moment in the early, early morning, and I hope you are aware of it, when the world seems to be at peace. It is a moment that occurs before the sun comes up and the moon goes down. At that moment the world is cast in blue hues and soft grays. The wild donkeys have stopped their braying, the coyotes are quiet in their dens, and the birds are not yet awake. If the wind picks up, the trees begin clapping as it blows through their branches.

The earth at this moment is quiet like a prayer. It’s as if the earth is saying to God, “Father give the descendants of Adam your peace, your quiet, and your mercy this day.” In reality though the earth doesn’t pray, for it is but stone, and seas, and air, and fire, and cold, and hot, and all these things cannot pray. Therefore, you and I must, and in that morning moment of blues and grays and clapping trees is a good time to get it done.

In Prayer,




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