Thinking About NVCC 6/8/2014

Friday, June 6, was the anniversary of D-day. On that day seventy years ago some 200,000 men stormed the beaches of Normandy and began the liberation of Europe. It is an event that changed the world forever.

The men who were there that day were but boys the day before. They knew they probably would not see their families again, and more than likely, not even see the next day’s sun. But when the ramps splashed down, and with bullets snapping past their ears they willing charged into the breech of war. They did it because they knew in their sacrifice others, whom they loved, would live. They charged forward with honor, bravery, and distinction, and laid down their lives on that foreign shore.

How like Christ those men of Omaha, Sword, and Juno beeches were, for he too came to a foreign shore, served with honor, bravery and distinction, and laid down his life so others may live. And in so doing he changed the world forever.





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