Thinking About NVCC 5/11/2014

In the creation God gave us moms and dads. Dads have one role to play and moms have another. We take this time each year to remember the roles our moms played in our up bringing, and that’s a good thing to remember.

Moms wear many hats and I’m sure a complete list is impossible. However, just thinking about all that headgear makes me know being a mom is both an important role, and a selfless one. Being selfless is pretty much out of the norm today in our society for we have become a self-full society; a people consumed with what the world owes us.

Despite the direction society is going there are still moms today who continue to do the right thing and raise their children with devotion, kindness, patience, and love, and these are things the world is in desperate need of.

Thanks Moms,



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