Thinking About NVCC 5/4/2014

Our little church served the homeless at You Matter Ministry yesterday, and I have to say it again, “When we go there we bring it.” Even Rick, their pastor, said to Cindy, “I love it when your church comes, you even bring a choir.” Heck, we almost bring the whole church; that says a lot about us.

After the service, Chris, a Navajo Indian, came forward and asked for prayer. He was shaking badly because he needed a drink. He was worried because he hurt on the inside, and was having trouble eating. We gathered around him and prayed. He said, “I want to be honest if you gave me money I would go and buy a drink.” We stayed and listened to him for quite a while. When the prayer circle broke up he stepped back and began praising God in Navajo; it was beautiful. As he stood there with his eyes shut praising God his face was shinning.

An unexpected moment,




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