Thinking About NVCC 4/27/2014

There is still a certain amount of child-like wonder left in me, for I stayed up and watched the first of the four blood moons last week. Despite the cold, I sat in the backyard way past mid-night watching the event. The eclipse was a little spooky and wondrous at the same time – it was spookondrous.

These four blood moons have gained biblical scholars’ attention because they all fall on Jewish festival days. They are asking: Are these blood moon events linked to the prophesies of Joel 3, and Ezekiel 37-39? Personally, I don’t know. It is interesting how they seem to relate to the world’s current events. I do know that God is in charge of these things and I’m not.

There is something else I do know, and it is about another prophesy. I know Jesus is coming back. If Jesus does return in my lifetime, I want him to find me about his business of proclaiming the Kingdom of God. After-all, that is really what I’m supposed to be concerned with and not speculating on prophecies. However, if you are non-believer and watched that 1st blood moon; be afraid, be very afraid.

Not afraid,



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