Thinking About NVCC 4/13/2014

Last Sunday’s service was late getting started because the village was late in opening. A lady was waiting with me at the village’s entrance when she learned I was with the church. She commented on the wonderful work I was doing. She had never read or heard any of my writings, or sermons, and for all she knew I preached in clown make-up, but my work was wonderful. I wished she had stopped there, but she didn’t. “We don’t go to church. We went to a service last night, but left before it was over.” Obviously Jesus wasn’t special in her life.

We must suffer fools for at one time we were fools too. No one can see Jesus with our eyes, but because we have seen him we want others to see him. The disciples experienced the same things, “They went and told it to the rest, but they did not believe them either: (Mark 16:13).

O could I tell, you surely would believe it!
O could I only say what I have seen!
How should I tell or how can you receive it,
How, till he bringeth you where I have been?
Oswald Chambers




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