Thinking About NVCC 4/6/2014

I heard a story about a fellow out shooting in the desert and decided to use a large saguaro for a target. I guess his justification was self defense because it was armed. After emptying several clips into the cacti he became frustrated that it didn’t fall over, so he went over and gave it a shove. The 9,000 pound saguaro took its revenge and fell on him and killed him.

Shooting saguaros is like playing with sin. We think, “I can’t get hurt because I’m standing so far away.” However, standing far off is never good enough and eventually we get closer, we inspect it, and we put our hands on it, and that’s when sin gets its revenge.

The lessons here: When out in the desert leave the saguaros alone, and when you’re out in the world leave sin alone; both can take your life.

Stay safe,



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