Thinking About NVCC 3/30/2014

I often mention the park across from my home and that’s because if often reflects slices of our society. One of those slices that I see on most days is a kids pick-up game of baseball; no adults, no uniforms, and no trophies just baseball for the fun of it. The kids that show up for a game are good, for you can see line drives, shagged flies, cut-off throws, and double plays.

What I find really interesting is how a game begins. A kid shows up with his glove, bat, and ball and lays out some stones for the bases. Then he sits in the grass and waits for his buds. When enough kids show up the game begins.

My wife pointed out to me how their game is much like church. They wait for each other to show up. They practice to make themselves better at what they love. Everyone who shows up is accepted. They help each other improve through encouragement. Their shouting and laughter is like singing. Finally, there is a great amount of joy in doing something they love.

Baseball and church, who knew,




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