Thinking About NVCC 3/9/2014

Jesus was heading to Galilee from Judea and took the shortcut through Samaria. This seems to be an innocuous act by us today. In the day for a Jewish Rabbi to enter Samaria was unheard of, but again Jesus was always controversial. Jesus was controversial because he always put his Father’s will first. Putting God first is the hard lesson for today’s Christian to learn.

A case on point is Paul. He became seized by Jesus on the Damascus Road (Cf. Acts 9) and later wrote about his life, “None of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself…” (Acts 20:24). What Paul meant was he did not consider his own life important, but what was important was fulfilling the ministry that had been given to him by Jesus. On the Damascus Road, Paul became controversial too.

What is the lesson? It is the contrast between Christian service performed by common sense and emotion rather then based on Jesus’ call. Jesus calls us to put aside our life, our common sense, and our emotions, and to step out in faith remembering, “You are not your own” (1Cor 6:19b).

You are his,



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