Thinking About NVCC 2/16/2014

Is it fair for God to punish people for the wrongs they do? It is if you consider this: If Jesus is God, and he is, and he died on a cross as punishment for our sins, and he did, then the God we proclaim is the kind of God who is willing to take his own punishment so others will not have too.

This thought helps us to understand Grace and mercy. Grace is a favor rendered by one who does not need to do so. Mercy is withholding of a judgement that is deserved. It has been said, “On Calvary’s mountain God’s grace and God’s mercy met and God’s salvation was offered.” Salvation means: The cell doors have been opened, the chains have been loosed, and the prisoners and the slaves have been set free because their price has been paid.

Jesus, What a Savior,



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