Thinking About NVCC 2/9/2014

Christians continue to fall into the trap of arguing the Bible’s validity on scientific ground. The Bible is not a science book; it is a book of faith and as a book of faith it requires it own skill-set to understand.

Science is uncaring about what it compiles, believes discovers, and states; compared to the Bible it lacks beauty. The Bible brings to the reader, through the use of literary languages, an offering of prose and poetry in very complex ways. The Bible’s speaks to the reader through allegories, allusions, archetypes, biographies, cyclical logic, euphemisms, hyperboles, ironies, metaphors, metonymies, narratives, parables, personifications, prophecies, puns, repetitive wording, satires, similes, songs, symbolisms, synecdoches and wordplay to tell the reader about God and God’s attempts to draw man to him.

Science teaches some truth, but our world is not solely defined by science, for example science cannot explain God, morals, right and wrong. Just as the Bible believer looks foolish explaining science with the Bible so the scientist looks dopey trying to explain consciousness with science. Taking the Bible to places it was never intended to go will never persuade anyone. What does persuade is personally living out what the Bible teaches.

Live it,



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