Thinking About NVCC 2/2/2014

Paul said, “Who are you Lord” (Acts 26:15). He thought he was about God’s business only to find out he was not.

At the age of six I learned to ride a bike in front of my house. Between the house and the corner were three oak trees. With each practice I went a little further, and each time the practice ended with me hitting a different tree. Finally I made it to the corner without one of those trees stepping in front of me.

Shortly after learning to ride my bike I was allowed to take it to the store by myself. After rounding 12th street it was a straight shot to the store. I looked ahead and saw that there were no cars in front of me so I thought, “I wonder how far I can ride with my eyes closed?” A few seconds later I was lying on the trunk of a parked car thinking, “That was not a good idea.”

Isaiah 8:11 says, “The Lord spoke thus to me with a strong hand.” Sometimes in order for us to learn, God has to allow things to happen to us.

That’s why!




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