Thinking About NVCC 1/12/2014

The first eighteen verses of John’s Gospel were sung by 1st century Christians as a hymn. The hymn acts as an overture to his message by summarizing his book very well: Chapters 1-12: The light shines in the darkness; Chapter 13-20: The darkness has not overcome it.

Between the lines of the hymn John the Dipper (literal translation) is introduced. His job was that of a herald. A herald’s job was to precede the king and announce the king’s coming. His duties included making sure the roads were straight, the pot holes repaired, the hills lowered, and the valleys raised so the king’s arrival was made easier. The herald also was to only give the king’s message and not his own version of the message.

Today, the work of the herald is not done, for the king still needs to come and shine his light into the darkness of many lives. The Christian is now the herald for this day; we are to announce the king’s coming, making his arrival easier, and only giving the king’s message.

There’s no I in herald,




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