Thinking About NVCC 12/8/2013

Happy Birthday N.V.C.C; you did it – yip, yip yippee! It’s our first birthday and it offers us a moment of pause; a reflection not on our hopes, but on Christ’s expectations for his Church.

I think one such expectation is that we are a congregation not filled with dead orthodoxy. By that I mean we are not relying on rote worship, repetitive liturgy, and some governing body’s dictates leading to a dead faith. Instead, we emphasize the heart of Christ which is found in the Bible. Philipp Spencer once said, “Christianity was not real if it is not felt; it is not authentic if it was not experienced.” Our response is not only knowing orthodoxy, but also orthopracy.

As we start year two, I hope we continue to seek the authentic Christ. The Christ of the cross, the son of God, the resurrected conquering savior, who fills the believer up with the Holy Ghost, forgives them down to their toes, and overflows to those who don’t know him.

Happy Birthday,




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