Thinking About NVCC 12/1/2013

Last week I said, “As holidays go Thanksgiving is our nicest holiday.” This is because it is celebrated quietly with little fanfare. Tempus fugit and that quite old day was upon us and now gone. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

Before us now is Christmas and it has become a monster that in no way resembles the principles of Christ. Christmas, like Thanksgiving, is only one day, yet long before it arrives the ballyhoo of ads has begun. We are bombarded with not so clever songs, sales and flashing lights all designed to motivate us into opening our wallets. I have concluded Christmas day cannot live up to the hype that precedes it; no wonder so many are depressed on a day that should be one of great joy.

Oswald Chamber’s said about the birth of Jesus, “The great miracle of creation slipped into the ordinary life of a child.” I’m thinking there is a better way to celebrate the birth of our savior: Keep the day ordinary, keep it simple, and don’t let it overwhelm the miracle.

Keep it simple,



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