Thinking About NVCC 11/17/2013

The tag line for Anthem is: “Life in Abundance,” some have expanded it to include, “And I’m entitled.” I met one such claimant doing 75 M.P.H. on the freeway.

With white knuckled hands at the 12 O’clock position on the steering wheel, along with her nose, she was giving my rear bumper a close inspection. Her hand gestures indicated that she felt entitled to my space of the road.

Safely by me she exited at our city of abundance. I noted a fixed position on the side of the road as she passed it and counted off three seconds before I passed the marker. She had saved three seconds. Perhaps she was having an emergency, but the event seems to occur with frequency at mile marker 279.

God has blessed us and our cup in life, for the most part, is sweet. We should thank God for our cup of blessings and drink it with humility. Our blessings don’t entitle us to grab, endanger, or act like a boor; after all there is abundance here.

Not entitled,




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