Thinking About NVCC 10/20/2013

Have you noticed we are surrounded with a lot of anger these days? There is anger at the politicos, rage on the highways, fights in the streets, disrespect in the schools, and a lot of name calling. I even got caught up in it last week and found myself struggling with some anger. I responded by giving it over to Jesus, and let it go; it worked.

Coincidentally a friend emailed me and commented on how much anger there was at his work. He notice that many of his co-workers were angry and yelling that something has to change. He went on to say how the only people who seemed to have peace were those who were walking close to Jesus.

It does seem that tensions, anger, and desperation have reached a fevered pitch lately. This is a surprise for we live in an envied land with more wealth, opportunities, and servant goods than anyone has ever known, and yet there is no peace. How can this be? My friend’s observation is correct: Those who have peace are those who walk with Jesus.

Got Jesus,




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