Thinking About NVCC 9/29/2013

God told Jacob to return to Bethel; the name means house of God. Jacob instead went to Shechem and there he set up an altar (Cf. Gen. 33:20). Here we read a bit of the heroic in Jacob; he sacrificed to God. It’s nice to sacrifice to God, but God wants obedience not sacrifices; he was supposed to be at Bethel.

We all want to be heroes in our relationship with God. We have our stories of great sacrifice: I once did this or that flavored with God’s name every once in awhile, and the story is spun quite well of our heroic. The ultimate example today is the Islamist who blows themselves up for their little “g” god.

The problem with wanting to be a hero is that most of us look really bad in spandex and we have a tendency to over-sleep and over-eat. Seriously, God doesn’t want us to be heroic he wants us to obey him, and that means doing what he says, not what we think is going to impress him. Jesus said it well, “The sum of the law is love your neighbor;” that might just be heroic obedience.

No hero,





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