At this stage in life it surprises me a few of my friends are still wandering souls. They have always been adrift, never moored for any length of time. Months and years go by and not a word from them. Then, ring ring, “Kirby are you home? I’m outside your house.” One of those wanders showed up Wednesday.

Normally I don’t bring the subject of God up, but because of my profession they do. The arguments against God were old and tired, but I listen with patience for they are nothing but walls around a bruised heart. Suddenly, the patience brought a flash of anger and the wall came down. In that unguarded moment of rage the truth spilled out, “I hate God because he took my wife from me. She was the only good thing that has ever been in my life.” It was a raw nerve exposed; a moment of real honesty.

This incident has an important lesson. We must be preparing daily in our unseen life of prayer and Bible study, for we never know when God will call us into service with an unexpected knock at the door, (Cf. 2Cor. 10:5).




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