Thinking About NVCC 9/8/2013

The people we are close with we eat with. It’s a custom dating back to our first parents. Our thinking goes like this: I want to sit with you in the dinning room; my place today, your place tomorrow. Eating together is important. It allows us to catch up with each other. It’s a time to put things aside that have separated. It’s a time when we can form new friendships.

Once a month, instead of our mid-week Bible study, we have a fellowship meal together. Cindy does the main dish and everyone else brings something to pass. Last Tuesday was that time of the month for us. It is not intended to be fancy or impress, just a time for Christians to participate in an old custom; the results are automatic.

There was quite an age difference, from 4 to 70. Despite that, everyone prayed, laughed, talked, and sang. After we sang someone said, “What just three songs?” We laughed and sang another.

Often we get hung up on structure, and that’s a bit stiff. Tuesday was neither structured, nor stiff; just Christian joy.

It’s a good custom,



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