Thinking About NVCC 8/18/2013

A picture of earth was taken from a satellite some 65 millions miles away. In the upper left hand corner of the picture was the shoulder of the planet Saturn with its halos. Beyond the behemoth was the blackness of space except for a shinning dot in the center of the photo. That dot of light was the little blue marble we live on. In viewing this picture one cannot help but feel the insignificance of our existence.

If the picture doesn’t make you feel small then what scientists have discovered should. The fellows in the white coats say our little solar system exists on the outer edge of an average sized galaxy, and there are billions and billions of galaxies.

When we compare ourselves to the grand size of the universe we are insignificant; combined we are like a grain of sand on a beach. However, our God, who created the universe, is larger then what he created. The beauty of this whole thought is this: Our very large God knows you and loves you despite your contemptuous defiance.





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